Neighborhood Infographics



Experiment 1

A mix of dynamic and static infographic visualizations of socio-demographic data (migration, names and ages), water usage, parking spaces and energy consumption is projected in the streets of Leuven, Belgium. See video below;

Urban Information Mapping from DANDY on Vimeo.


Experiment 2

“Street Infographics” is an urban intervention that visually represent data that is contextually related to local issues, and is visualized through situated displays that are placed within the social and public context of an urban environment. Based on the design characteristics of urban visualization, we defined six specific design principles and applied these in the deployment of a low-fidelity prototype during an in-the-wild study. Designed to augment an existing street sign with socially- and locally-relevant information, the resulting urban visualization encourages people to gain local knowledge, reflect on their perception and even foster social interaction.

In the paper “Street Infographics, Raising Awareness for Local Social Issues through a Situated Display”, we describe the design of Street Infographics and its effect on local residents, as measured before and after our intervention. Our case study should be considered one of the first steps towards a better understanding of the true potential of the use of data visualization in a public context, such as for engaging citizens in acting towards a more qualitative and sustainable neighborhood.